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openDecorus Dashboard

A Python/Pyramid/Boostrap based app, currently in development, used for provisioning, analytics, diagnostics and configuration of network devices. The app gathers and displays data for CMTS systems, cable modems and MTA services.

Voice Data

Project Origin

openDecorus intends to provide an open-source alternative to the current crop of costly proprietary software available for ISPs/Telcos to perform these tasks. The initial dev team works for a Telco and started this as a side project.

In its alpha stage, openDecorus already provides more configuration features when compared to similar proprietary software.

Node Overview

My Role

I am assisting with the front-end development, which includes Bootstrap, jQuery/Javascript as well as Jinja2 templates.

Node Thresholds

Future Plans

We have discussed the possible use of more advanced JS libraries/frameworks as the UI is becoming more complex. That would mean a rewrite of much of the interface, which likely wouldn’t happen in the initial release.

openDecorus Logo

I also designed the logo for the project.

Open Source

The app will be open sourced on Github in late 2015.

  • Python
  • Pyramid
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Responsive
  • Git
  • Design
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
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Photo of Brian Ritchie

Brian Ritchie

Frontend Developer
& Designer


Javascript / jQuery
Responsive / Mobile-Design
Sass / Less
Bootstrap / Foundation
Susy / Compass


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