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Microbuilt Homes

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Microbuilt Homes is a tiny home construction business. I designed the logo, designed three separate web design concepts, and planned to create a home builder app as part of the website.

Microbuilt Mockup v1

Each of the three designs went in different directions. The first design was based around the idea of paint swatches, which was meant to imply home customization.

Microbuilt Mockup v2

The second design used a more bold style that mimicked the aluminum-flashed siding board placed on the outside of the first prototype house that was built.

Microbuilt Mockup v3

The third design was based around a photo of the tiny house placed in a winter scene. The plan was to redesign the site every season to show a new scene for autumn, winter, spring and summer, perhaps with a different color theme.

The live site was a single-page, static site. I went with Foundation over Bootstrap because I wanted some experience with it. The site was built in a couple of days, which was mostly content development.

The last two designs planned for a “customize your home” feature where visitors would be able to select options to create their own home within the website that they can save or share. I had planned to use AngularJS to build this frontend application.

  • Design
  • Responsive
  • Foundation
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Nginx
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Brian Ritchie

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